Sunday, August 30, 2009

Green Tea Colostrum

Salam Ramadan everyone!

sorry for our longgggg silent..
really busy with works..sigh!

however, here we have a mini update..
but, it's not about the shawls...

now, we're selling healthy food supplement..
we're not going to make another blog, just use this blog..heee!

Here it is....

it's a product from Ar-Raihan Food Industries (M) Sdn Bhd.

the normal price adalah seperti tertera dlm pic di atas..
but, this Ramadan ada promosi.. ;)

satu kotak (30 sachets) - RM75 only!
satu kotak (15 sachets) - RM40 only!

the sachets..

look! promosi produk GTC juga bersiaran di radio
Every Thursday at 3.15pm..
and every Monday at 11.15am..

for more information u can click here, here and here.

utk pesakit asma, eczema dan migrain sangat sesuai mengamalkan GTC..

email us at