Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Hai girls.. =)

It’s me. missu!! I’m inviting all fashionistas out there to hv a peep into my closet! ;p
Some of the stuff rite here are brand new and never been worn, coz I bought it just to find out it doesn’t do me justice! *sigh*..have to let it go to smone who deserve it! sObsOb~

Also have some mildly used stuff (I love enjoying food and now I’m paying the price for it.. **more sigh**). Rest assured that these mildly used stuff r all in good condition! =) Have a look,ya! Enjoy~

**Mark my closet and keep checking back, orite..coz I surely will always hv smthing new to share!! =)

::VOIR Cute Bubble Dress::Brand New Dress!

Bought it coz I fell in love with the cute bubbly hem.
It’s made from cotton and has a comfy lining inside the skirt area.
Size: S, but good enuf for M sizer..
Real Price: RM69.90
Now Selling at RM48!

SALE! RM45 ONLY!!!!!

::SEED Cream Cardigan Shirt::Used item
Worn once. Tip top condition.
Material: 95% cotton, 5% nilon. Very comfy. Tak jarang coz a bit tebal.
Size: S but good enuf for M sizer
Bought at RM89
Now Selling at RM38!

SALE!! RM30 ONLY!!!!

::SEED White Blouse::

SOLD, uyun!

Brand New Blouse!
Luv the flare and the sweetness of white!
Material: 100% cotton, stretchable, jarang (hv to pair it with inner).
Size: 4 (S/M)
I fell in love with the sweetness so much so, I paid more than RM100 for this piece!
However, I need to get this away from me quick,(xthn geram coz it's doesn't flatters my chubby figure..huU~for the slender n slim darlings, this is the piece for u!!) so, I’m giving it away for RM48 only!

::HARAJUKU Black Dress::

Used Item
Worn once. Looks and feels like fresh from the warehouse!
Has satin upper part and pleating lower part. The lower part falls very nicely on your silhouette,but not body hugging at all.
The neckline and bust area are designed with shining labuci. Lots of them! (wear tis at ur next evening party!) ;>
Made from 70% Cotton, 30% polyester. Very exclusive.
Size: Free size! (perhaps S to L)
Bought at RM129
Now Selling at RM55 only!

::COMMA Pink Singlet::Used Item
Material: Stretchable Cotton + Lace
Size: Not stated. (Perhaps S / M)
RM10 only!
Promo: If you buy at least one of these items in my closet, u r entitled to get this lovely singlet for RM5 only!

::COMMA Blue Singlet::


Used Item
Material: Stretchable Cotton
Size: Not stated. (Perhaps S / M)
RM10 only!
Promo: If you buy at least one of these items in my closet, u r entitled to get this lovely singlet for RM5 only!

p/s: pair these pretty oufits with the Sparkling Diamond Collection, and u will be da' BoMb!! =)


-N e Y r A- said...


-N e Y r A- said...


annah :: annim :: missu said...

tankiu! anything in particular catches ur attention?? ;p

neyra said...

really in love with the black voir dress. nice!!


annah :: annim :: missu said...

neyra, emel ye if u really want the dress..:))

cacen86 said...

juz nk tyer, SEED Cream Cardigan Shirt tuh da sold ke blom?

sebab..mcm da tertarik..:D