Sunday, September 7, 2008



yes, u are our lovely customer.dont afraid to view our blogshop as many times as u can.weee!;p
some said our blogshop is such an eye candy to her, how lovely u are!hehe! and some asked many times to restock our items, i know Aidilfitri is coming soon;) insyaAllah, we will try our best and if u have any suggestions, yes! they are most welcome to our gmail inbox!;D

so, here we just wanna share some new things in this blogshop.if u want to see any items in pre-order mode, just click on your right (pre-order item) accordingly to your interest.

one more thing about the shipping mode.if u want to know clearly about that just read the description on the right side(shipping cost).we will charge accordingly to our agreement or if you prefer other post service, just let us easy as that..heee!

alrite, thats all we think for now, so
Selamat berpuasa and salam ramadhan el-mubarak

warmest regards,
shawladdict and co.


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