Saturday, November 8, 2008


As promised to u guys, we have just uploaded our latest collection of the lovely shawls that u have all been waiting for!. In this new collection, we have decided to change the price from RM15 per piece to RM16 per piece due to the difficulty in restocking our items. As u guys know, our shawl is 100 percent custom made and of course u wont see anywhere else. The quality of our fabric is the best among the chiffon series.

So, for the moment, we have only 8 colors available for u to choose. InsyaAllah more colors will coming soon!

Alrite, the price is only RM16 per piece. Happy shopping guys!;p

LS004 - hijau pucuk pisang
1.SOLD, shakina
2. SOLD, muna munirah

LS011 - grey
1 Available
1. SOLD, kak eli
2. SOLD, shakina
3. SOLD, muna munirah
4. booked, Aliza
5. SOLD, sue ajashi

LS027 - blueberry
1. booked, azza
2. booked, aliza

LS013 - color belacan
1. booked, aliza
2. SOLD, nuyue
3. SOLD, Sarbini

Ls028 - oriental red

LS029 - light blue
1 Available
1. SOLD, shakina
2. SOLD, zahidah
3.SOLD, nursyahida

LS007 - peach
1. SOLD, kak eli

LS002 - pure white
1. SOLD, kak eli
2. SOLD, hamizah
3. SOLD, cik Noi
4. SOLD, zahidah


budok kecik said...

i want lso27..huk3...simpan tau...wlauaper pun,cam kenal jer botol yg ader pasir warne2 warni tue..huk3..

annah :: annim said...

soryyyy!collection kali ni dah abes kaler tu.nanti next collection ade!no worries!kak ana reserved for u. orite!;p


nuyue said...

hye, i nak Ls013 yg color belacan.. yg ni chiffon jojet like kan!!

nurul - 012-657 1887

budok kecik said...

kak ana...kalu kak ana update entry bru sms me x ketinggalan..huk3...especially yg itam...

annah :: annim said...


yepp!booked for u.for further information about the payment, pls emel us oke.tq

nadia;) worries!smlm dpt call dr kakak tu, kain hitam dah sampai.yeyyy!lg 2 mggu kot baru pegi KT.heeee~~

hahijaw said...

hello, the grey one ade lg? [too lazy to send u an email. sorry :D]

annah :: annim said...

hye hahijaw..
sorry for the very late reply..
reply already at ur cbox.. :)