Friday, February 27, 2009


yeayyyyyyyy!shawladdict is back!!!:D

okeyh, for this moment, only hot colors available. they are totally in demand!!
so, for those who really want this shawl, just drop us an email at with subject:
'hot colors order:D'

with the lights on

with the lights off
*click photo for larger image

only RM15 per piece

just state the colors u want, and insyaAllah i'll do for u. see you in email;)


order list:
1. Ann :, baby pink(1), off white(1) - posted!
2. nadia : - posted!;)
3. nini : - posted!
4. kak suzie : vintage pink(1), vintage cream(1) - posted!
5. najwa :, vintage cream(1) - paid!
6. rose : baby pink(2) - posted!
7. sheila : each of the colors ;) - posted!
8. elliea : pure white (1) - posted!
9. farina : baby pink (1) - posted!
10. farah : vintage cream(2) - posted!

order closed! thanx guys =)


Pelangi said...

haha..nadia dah beli dah..wait for da parcel..

mYpRecious said...

kaler pure black ade lgi tak?

miszrLina said...

sume dah abes ke?
xde restock? nak kaler pure black *_*

lyla said...

babe, ade stuff lg?

annah :: annim said...

sorry for the late reply..
sorry again bcoz all the shawls are out of stock..

if u guys need more than 2 shawls, boleh buat pre order..
apa2 pun, please email us oke.. ;)